Sharing the family stash

Over the winter I was recovering.  The past three years were stressful and traumatic for reasons I won’t go into now.  Suffice it to say, recovery for a knitter involves an awful lot of time in the kitchen or living room starting new projects.

I worked on some lace, including a feather-and-fan throw blanket, one of the few projects I picked up consistently while binge-watching whatever I could find on Amazon Prime, and knitted till it was done, unlike the pile of WIPs in my basket.  There were no seams or buttons to stymie me, so it was an easy win.

Ravelry project link

This blanket came from a batch of yarn my mom’s cousin sent me.  Like many of you, I don’t need any help collecting yarn, but I know her good taste and couldn’t refuse when she offered to send me two boxes of her stash.  There were six pairs of wool and mohair skeins, which seemed like they were destined for a specific project, but she could not recall what.  The yarn was familiar to me: we had purchased some together in New Hampshire ages ago to make these longways garter stitch scarves with fringe automatically included:


Ravelry project link

It didn’t click until I was halfway through the throw that each yarn pairing was intended for a scarf!  I have about half the yarn remaining, so maybe P will get a rainbow throw one day as well.

Most of what she sent was too fine for her to knit, since she has struggled for a long time with rheumatoid arthritis.  There were a few patterns included, so I have offered to knit some up and send them back to her, including this Cable and Lace Raglan from Willow Yarns.

The yarns from the scarf and blanket are from Ward Brook Farm in Candia, NH.  I couldn’t find a website for them, but the Seacoast Harvest Local Food Guide website says this about them:

Sheep farm with a menopausal flock of retired laid back ewes that give wool. The wool is used for spinning supplies, yarn, dyed and spun. Dyes yarn in rainbow colors – the kind you can’t get in a yarn shop.



Before I knew about log cabins

I started this blanket because I needed something for my bed. Er. I needed it sooner than a year from now, but even so, I thought it would be a good stash buster. There are plenty of other things I could have done with this yarn, but here is, finally finished, the FIRST HALF of my stockinette blanket.


For this half, I chose greens and pinks, which went to pinks,purples, and something pretending to be pink but is more like red… For the other half, I’ll stagger the stripes and sew it reverse-stockinette side up, so you get some smooth and some bumpy no matter which side is up. And the colors are in the blues and oranges range.

I have no idea how it will come out. Perhaps a mess. But it’s going to be the most luscious blanket I own, that’s for sure – lovely wool, some blends, alpaca, I think alpaca/silk as well.

And the cats have already found it.

[You can also see the bare, un-foam-rubbered slats of my wenge couch here.]