If you all saw that last post, I was supposed to post on the Red Scarf KAL page, where you will now find it.

Anyone else reading, if you were participating in the KAL and you haven’t posted in, oh, a REALLY LONG TIME, but you still want to be eligible for a prize, clickety click the link and see what you have to do!

Real post coming soon.

So close, but so far away

After I found my rust-proof T-pins, I lost my little notions kit. It was of course in plain sight, but not in the right spot. So, although my Jaywalker socks are supposed to be finished, they are still on the needles. You won’t see them again till they have feet in them and some more lively background of some sort, I assure you.

Also, I don’t know why it is so difficult to get a decent photo of a red object – any advice? But below is the embarrassing FO photo for my Red Scarf. I mailed a batch of eight out today, two of which were mine. One doesn’t really count as an FO though, since it’s been finished for a year. I’ve never worn it, so I sent it along.

In the smaller photo, you can’t see the nice moss stitch and ribbed squares at all – here you have a slight chance of picking out the pattern!

I finally blocked my Swallowtail Shawl, but I refuse to post a bad photo (it is also red…), so I’ll wait till I have daylight and a partner in crime to model or photo me modeling it. Again, I am marveling at the wonders of blocking. A pathetic pile of scrunchy lace has become something of which I am pretty proud!

A little something for your trouble.


Here’s the Deal
I made up a little pattern based on the Regia Bamboo socks that I knit this fall. This is what I would like to do: Rather than offering it for free or for profit, I would like to offer it as a thank-you for your donation.

All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders to help Yarn Harlot’s effort to double the current Knitters Without Borders contribution level. Once you purchase, email her and tell her that you donated $5.00 and you’ll be entered in all future Knitters Without Borders drawings.

Two Birds with One Stone
Whatever is raised for Doctors Without Borders, I will match the total contributions from now through January 15 at 50% and donate this money to The Red Scarf Project in the form of gift cards or books of stamps to send in with the scarves from the knitalong.

After January 15, I will continue to donate all proceeds from this pattern to these two efforts. I’ll keep a tally in the sidebar.

Donate now!

[Alternatively, you can mail payment and I’ll email a copy to you. Just drop me a line: heatherknitsATgmail.]

Disclaimer:Total price is $5.65. PayPal charges me fees for use, which is what the extra $0.65 is for.

New York and project photos

The other weekend I didn’t knit much because I was too busy running around Brooklyn. Here are a couple photos for you:

Many a False Step is Taken by Standing Still
– remember that the next time you’ve had too many servings of scotch! Just keep moving. You’ll be fine.


An owl – Discreet between UPS and the Juice Bar

owl graffiti

And I didn’t take a photo inside Habu Textiles, which was much less thrilling than I imagined other than that narrow closet in the back where they hang samples of all the goodies, but this is a photo of some of that crazy paper yarn they have, which they call ‘viscose’ but which is 100% linen. Color me confused. Feels like paper. Called viscose. Made of linen. Well anyway, it didn’t rip when I wound it, so I’ll trust that when I knit it, it will stay together.

habu linen

I’ve also got photos of knitting from this past weekend – Weekend Knitting‘s brioche scarf, Matt’s scarf for the Red Scarf Project, and Mission Falls’ “Sam” hat.

[I wish the grey showed up more nicely here – it’s really more of a blue hue.]
dad's scarf

[Frith worked on this last night at SnB during a hiatus from her Union Square sweater. Thanks Frith!]
red scarf

[On the left: flat. On the right :modeled by my ever patient high school art project, which is a bit too embarrassing to show the whole thing, but fits a kid’s hat wonderfully!]