One skein of Freia Handpaints Ombre Sport will get you…

I’ve knitted a shawl and a couple of diagonal scarves in Freia Handpaints that will appear here post-blocking, and now I tried the Ombre Sport for the first time with the Lunar Eclipse pattern.

I think this is the sixth version I’ve knitted so far, and the first one with shifting color.  The arc gives it the familiar stripe going in one direction, shifting from top to bottom, and the edging turns that perpendicular so the shifting color direction is more side to side (sort of – with a crescent shape, all bets are off, as anyone that has tried to drive around New Orleans without a map can tell you!).

Here is a gallery of photos of the hottest off the needles Lunar Eclipse!




I designed a baby sweater

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Second of all, here is a little something I designed.

This pattern grew out of a sweater that I knit out of my imagination one day back in January 2007. Finally it is here in professional form!

One Planet Yarn and Fiber released it just after Thanksgiving, as they told me they would, and I didn’t think to check whether it was up! They even posted a blog entry about it. You can see the blue version modeled by a little tyke on the blog.

A few days after the release, I left for Kinshasa again, with little to no internet, and then we were in the thick of the holidays, thus the delay in posting.

The pattern is written in 5 sizes and uses #8US straight needles. The recommended yarn is 2 skeins of Lanas Puras Melosa worsted weight. The colors used in the samples are cornflower (blue) and orchid (purple).

Need socks? Donate to Doctors Without Borders with your purchase.

Stephanie McPhee / Yarn Harlot has a post up today in which she mentions Sweet Sheep yarns. If you buy yarn from them before the end of the month, they will donate a portion of their proceeds to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Here is a link to their sock yarn. Match it up with my Basic Bamboo Sock pattern, all proceeds going to MSF, and you will have donated $7.00 to MSF without even trying!

In summary:
Yarn here. Oh, and here.
Pattern here.

You know what to do.

A little something for your trouble.


Here’s the Deal
I made up a little pattern based on the Regia Bamboo socks that I knit this fall. This is what I would like to do: Rather than offering it for free or for profit, I would like to offer it as a thank-you for your donation.

All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders to help Yarn Harlot’s effort to double the current Knitters Without Borders contribution level. Once you purchase, email her and tell her that you donated $5.00 and you’ll be entered in all future Knitters Without Borders drawings.

Two Birds with One Stone
Whatever is raised for Doctors Without Borders, I will match the total contributions from now through January 15 at 50% and donate this money to The Red Scarf Project in the form of gift cards or books of stamps to send in with the scarves from the knitalong.

After January 15, I will continue to donate all proceeds from this pattern to these two efforts. I’ll keep a tally in the sidebar.

Donate now!

[Alternatively, you can mail payment and I’ll email a copy to you. Just drop me a line: heatherknitsATgmail.]

Disclaimer:Total price is $5.65. PayPal charges me fees for use, which is what the extra $0.65 is for.


I am moving. It seems to be taking forever. It is actually taking forever. Back in August, I had a house/cat-sitting job. Then I was going away in September, so the people living in the house said you can stay if you don’t have a lease yet. So I didn’t sign a lease. I went to Turkey, came back for 5 days, then went to DR Congo this month. Now I have finally signed a lease, but it’s been three months and my belongings have been stored or scattered.

Things were looking up, though. I moved one carload into the apartment the other day after returning from SAFF. Wednesday I will have the UHAUL truck to get the furniture moved in – although I have yet to recruit someone to help…

But in all this shifting around, it is difficult to keep track of anything. Today, that means that although I finished a pair of socks for Socktober, I can’t post the photo, because WHERE IS THE SECOND SOCK???

In lieu of that, and in light of my Jaywalker disaster, I bring you the Jaywalker-inspired Zag:

Pattern forthcoming.