Dyeing a little inside

The other day I attended a workshop at The Scrap Exchange, with artist Katherine Soucie, who specializes in (among other things) acid dyeing pre-consumer industrial waste.  I wasn’t sure what all that meant, but essentially we ended up with a giant pile of white nylon hosiery in various manifestations that we tied, scrunched, clamped, and otherwise threw into dye pots of all colors of the rainbow.

We learned how to mix up our dye solutions from powder and water and a little bit of Synthrapol (industrial soap), heat up our dye pots, and watch the magic happen in a no-waste method including re-using dye pots multiple times for different colors.

Fortunately other workshop attendees were experienced creative types that pulled out PVC piping and tie-dyeing techniques to produce some really interesting results!


The artist dyed a wall full of industrial waste fabric in the week leading up to the workshop and used it to create an exhibit in the Scrap Exchange’s Cameron Gallery.

I’ve been intrigued by her use of this material as fabric from which she has created amazing patchwork fabrics that have been sewn into wearable fashion.  Check out some of her fashion portfolio here.

Good and sad

The good – My number finally came up in the random number generator, for The Fairy GodKnitter’s contest!

So I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book to see what interesting bits it holds between its covers.

The sadSOMEONE PAINTED OVER A COMMUNITY MURAL IN CARRBORO! WTF, PEOPLE? Totally pathetic – some random guy “hired” day laborers but never paid them, and he wasn’t the building or business owner.

This post has a beautiful photo of the mural, along with the contrasting current state of affairs. What a shame – defacing public art! Come on – no other way to get your jollies? Well, as the commenters on the first link above at Orange Politics said, this is a great opportunity for Carrboro to host a community graffiti contest or fundraiser.

Just for kicks, here is my own contribution to community art, completed in 1995, which I believe no longer exists, since my high school expanded the math/science wing a few years ago where I painted this design: