Sock pattern in Basic Bamboo

Click here for larger view.

Soft, stretchy, ribbed socks knitted cuff-down with Regia Bamboo sock yarn – perfect for everyday wear!

This pattern is for sale in Adobe PDF format through PayPal/PayLoadz. Click the button to purchase – the link will provide directions for downloading.

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Price: $4.00

6 thoughts on “Sock pattern in Basic Bamboo

  1. Do you ever make … knee socks? Just a question for future. Knee socks tend to be my jam for run events and whatnot. Have you been knitting for a long time? Is it a trade handed down from generation to generation, or did you learn on your own?

    *Blogger Swap / Bhindblueeyes

  2. I have made one pair of knee socks that didn’t turn out right enough and they’ve been on the re-knit list for a LOOOONG time! So I think the key is making them tight and possibly putting extra elastic in the top. I’ve been knitting since I was 8, when my mom taught me, but it was super uncool back then and I didn’t take it up for real till my early 20s.

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