Carrboro Craft Market – my first public appearance!

On July 14th, I participated in my first craft market ever – it was fun to run around getting ready, visiting local thrift shops for display ideas and items. I picked up a wooden sliding door with slats from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, and some metal cubes from PTA Thrift, and I was on my way.

Thanks to Pinterest, I received a lot of comments on my business card display, which was fanning my MOO photo cards around a slinky. Great idea, whoever was responsible for that one!

The craft market took place this month at Open Eye Cafe, where it will also be on August 11th. We had some decent foot traffic considering it was a VERY hot day, and thanks to my friends that stopped by to support me! I had a few friend sales and a couple of stranger sales. Hopefully next month will be even better, with more vendors and more of the community out and about!


(Mel makes a guest appearance… checking out my African print cover journals!)

I also met Meli and Gina, fellow local Etsians, for the first time – Meli had a blog post up the day after!


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