“Click to Tweet it!!” Um. No.

I’ve asked these linked questions a number of times: how do you manage your social media? how do you use it to your advantage and prevent it from getting in the way of doing what you do?

Lately, as I’ve been populating my Etsy shop and cross-posting on Flickr, I have found that many people think the key to sales is clicking. This activity is couched as adding other Etsyians to your “Circle,” “favoriting” shops or items, and participating in Teams. Some Teams are active, but others have hundreds of members and no responses to threads in the forums. It’s easy to click the day away and think you are participating in groups or teams or pools, but does it lead to anything?

I’ve also been reading some blog entries about starting a business from the perspective of offering yourself and your personal genius to the world – yes, sort of self-helpy, but hey. So I want to take them seriously and internalize the messages and attempt to use them to my advantage.

But it isn’t easy to do this when a sentence that could have been full of meaning is followed immediately by a hyperlink to “Click to Tweet it!!” Um. No. I’m not here to click and Tweet. I do Tweet, and I enjoy it, and I think Twitter is a good networking tool along with other platforms, but to simply consume and spit out again is not furthering my business. In fact, that approach, to me, is the antithesis of what the new business builders and coaches of today claim they are promoting.

At this stage, I’m in it for me, and I know there is a certain level of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” that goes along with this type of endeavor. I suppose I’m resisting just being someone else’s pawn, though. I’m not feeling my back being scratched so much.

So once again – how do you manage your social media? how do you use it to your advantage, and prevent it from getting in the way of doing what you do?


2 thoughts on ““Click to Tweet it!!” Um. No.

  1. Those ” tweet this” buttons are showing up even from people whom I adore and respect, and I’m not a fan. If a piece hit me hard enough to share it, I am perfectly capable of commentary or of quoting a point that was particularly meaningful to me; I’m also capable of spotting canned tweets that don’t feel authentic to the ‘tweet-er’. I understand why this approach is out there, it just wouldn’t ever feel right for me.

    I may not be your target for this question as I don’t have online business activities (yet?), but my short answer, because I am feeling really clear on this at least for the moment, is that I’ll do social media my own way and not through any seeming accepted rules. If I share something it’s because I love it, it resonated or helped me in some way and I think it’s worth seeing.

    I use social media to foster meaningful connections. If I reach out, it’s in genuine interest or appreciation. I have made some of the most formative relationships in my life this way, and this also means to me that any reach I might have now or in the future will probably be much deeper than it is wide.

  2. I agree with you in that if you don’t have something to offer, and if you don’t spend time on content and developing your identity, all the online shouting via social networks is just that – noise. We talked the other night about signal to noise ratio. The noise is sometimes overwhelming…

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