Entering a new phase – Ugly Tomato lives!

For the past months, and maybe even years, I’ve been really too otherwise occupied to follow blogs and to post here. I worked overseas for two and a half years, and although I continued to craft, I didn’t always have reliable access to internet or time and energy to post. But now, I’m back, and I have new ideas to share with you!

A couple weeks ago, I took up sewing, something that has been on my list for fifteen years or more, since I bought a sewing machine, which I’ve been carefully toting around, every place I’ve moved, in its original box and styrofoam, for a decade and a half.

Sewing is fun, and I’ve made some things, which you can take a gander at over on my new Etsy store, Ugly Tomato.

(Latter featured here, too!)

I will be adding new items regularly, as I feel inspired, and as I continue to add skills to my repertoire. There may be some yarn and knitted items showing up. There will likely be other non-fibery items as I expand my horizons. You will also see some items created from the deliciously wild and colorful prints I’ve picked up during my time in Africa.

Ugly Tomato will have its own site soon, too, and possibly linked blog. But for now, I’ll blog here now and again about developments and my adventures in playing with new and exciting media. Next post, I’ll talk about the name Ugly Tomato…

Don’t get me wrong – knitting is still very central in my life. Recently I’ve been on a Baby Surprise Jacket jag, having just cast on for number six since last month!


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