That’s the kind of guy I’m waiting for

I have been away from things knitterly for a long time, not away from knitting, but away from other knitters, knitting groups, knitting magazines, yarn stores, knitting blogs, even Ravelry. Eventually it comes down to the fact that I just want to knit.

But I wanted to catch up on Needled, which is a wonderful blog chock full of history and lovely views of Scotland (and sometimes Ireland), knit design process, and personal recovery. So the past couple of nights, I’ve just been reading and reading and reading (and bought two patterns meantime).

Tonight I clicked on the link for “Kate’s Correspondence,” which is actually an entirely separate blog. One comment, which was not linked to the entry at all, said:

Dear Kate,
On a Google search of owls, I came across your owl sweater. I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world, and I want to have one of your sweaters made for her as a gift. Owls are her favorite and I know she would be elated to have one. Her favorite color is forest green and she has yellow-green eyes (very rare) and I would like to have buttons close to the color of her eyes on the sweater. Do you do any custom orders or can you direct me to someone who will use your pattern and create one? Please let me know if it is possible. Otherwise I will order the pattern and seek out someone to do it. I just have no knowledge of what to ask for or the terminology required to even begin!
Frank Butler
Temecula, California

It was left back in May, and I don’t see any contact information. Otherwise I would write to Frank and ask him whether he ever found someone to make an owl sweater for his girlfriend. The thought that went into that comment is pure love.


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