Voting is important

Washington, DC at twilight, taken by me.

This has nothing to do with knitting, but I wanted to share with you anyway. I currently live in Kinshasa, DR Congo, but I don’t plan to be a permanent expat, so I want to keep up on elections and exercise my right to vote (even though they don’t count absentee ballots, but hey, whatever).

Some months ago, I received a postcard asking me to validate my voter information, since the USPS reported my change in address to the election bureau. The postcard has a website on it.

I think it’s pretty amazing that from central Africa, I can go to the website and look up my own personal voter registration information, including which elections I participated in and how I voted. For example, it told me that I voted in 2008’s primaries on site, and chose “absentee” early voting for the actual election in 2008. Plus, it shows the breakdown by registered affiliation in my county.

Then it led me to the Federal Voting Assistance Program website, where I could fill out and print a request to change necessary information, and it even prints out the address for my local board of elections.

If you’re an overseas citizen and need help, FVAP is a user friendly and useful tool!


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