A few months ago, I bought a portable modem for my laptop, which was a great solution for my friends living in an 8th floor apartment with no interruptions to their internet signal. For me, though, it was a bust, so I sold it to my neighbor, who has good enough reception to download podcasts, at least if she leaves her computer open all day while she’s at work…

All that to say that, although I wish I were including new photos of my own here each post, it’s just not realistic right now. I will find a way to post progress photos of my Broderie (so far around 60% complete) and hopefully FO photos by the end of the Olympics this weekend, but in the mean time, here is some eye candy from Flickr.

1. Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Tiziano Red by Spamily on Flickr.

2. Connie Chang Chinchio’s Broderie by Chrissy J on Flickr.

And yesterday on my Ravelry friends list, there was a lot of love for stripes! I’m posting links because most of these photos are copyrighted, but trust me, you won’t go wrong. Great colors, two men’s items, and I especially love #3 because it’s a personal pattern with a fashionable and unique look.

1. Witches and Frogs by motherbee

2. Men’s Striped Vest by monday610

3. Diagonal Line Pullover by junghyunju

4. Finally Finished Lockwood by charleebear


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