Another spinner in Kinshasa!

My friend D has been living in Kinshasa since last summer. Normally she is based in Europe, and will be here a total of one year, or, if I’m lucky, she’ll sign on for another year and stick around with me!

When she left Europe to take her job here, she left behind her fiance, P, since he is a lecturer at a university.

But now, he’s arrived to stay for two months, and will be back again in the summer.

I know that she’s excited, of course, that he is here. She has great leave and has been able to see him several times over 6 months, but now he’s here every day, and will be working from a space in her office. She moved into a new apartment that has more space, and she’s begun decorating.

What does this have to do with me? I had the strangest experience last night when, at the end of a dinner at home with several of my friends, P set his sights on my spinning wheel and pulled it over to a chair and sat down and began peddling. He put the drive band on, although he didn’t immediately remember to adjust the tension. There was a tiny bit of yarn still on the bobbin, which he was trying to spin. He said, “I need some wool!”

Golding wheel

I think his fiancee and I both just about fell down, but for different reasons.

She said, Why don’t I know this about you?? (And I’m not 100% certain that she’s impressed, yet.)

I said, “I can’t believe you’re the only other spinner I’ve met in Kinshasa!!”

Before the holidays, I tried to get D started on a simple knitted cowl with a circular needle and a ball of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a gentle rose color. She knew how to knit as a child, and I helped her cast on, but when she was away for business and dropped a stitch, she put it down and hasn’t gotten back to it.

When I mentioned to P that I was helping D learn to knit, and maybe he could spin yarn for her, he said, “I’m a knitter, too.” WHAT??? THIS IS AMAZING!

Hatbox wheel

I have a feeling that I will be packing up my gear to go spin at their apartment, and D will just have to get out the old cowl and stitch and bitch with us.

[Top photo: Tom Golding wheel at MDSW; Bottom photo: Hatbox spinning wheel sighted at MDSW.]


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