February Lady Sweater mods

Last year I made a February Lady Sweater, based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Baby Sweater on Two Needles,” from A Knitter’s Almanac.

February Lady Sweater

So did a lot of other folks.

As described on Ravelry, it is “A swingy lace cardigan, made to fit a grown-ass woman…”

Now, it’s available in six translations, and Pamela Wynne, the designer, has asked for feedback. Someone mentioned that her blog entry is like a February Lady Sweater wiki. I’ve seen so many interesting variations, including this fitted pullover version, that I thought some of you might like to read the notes or contribute to the comments.

As an added bonus, she’s selecting one commenter on February 14th to receive a gift certificate. So go tell her what you know!


2 thoughts on “February Lady Sweater mods

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I visited your site and had never thought much about listening to knitting books, but considering that knitting and reading are trade-offs for me, I will have to look more into listening to my books while knitting!

    Make and Meaning is great – I love that they have lots of different participants and cover many different crafts and philosophies.

    One thing I like about the February Lady Sweater is that it’s a new turn on a classic, and that it’s morphed into so many variations. What a great collection of works by so many creators.

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