What we do and why we do it

These links tackle and illustrate some ideas I’ve been thinking about over the weeks that I haven’t been posting. They represent creative uses of materials and experiments with pushing boundaries, the act of making and what its meaning is.

1. Yurt Alert: A felter decides to take on a large project with local materials, crocheting a yurt with hand felted wool cord. After that – experimentation with other materials? This could have really interesting implications for people interested in alternative living spaces, and possibly post-disaster and conflict zones?

2. A link from Yurt Alert: Kwangho Lee’s furniture page, showing a study in use of materials, mainly knotted synthetic cord, to create different shapes.

3. Make and Meaning: Community in Conversation – I’ve enjoyed every entry I’ve read in the past week and look forward to more. Various contributors share and pontificate about creativity, creation, ideas, meaning, and the act of making. From their About page:

Make & Meaning: Why We’re Here

Acts of making are important – whether they involve yarn and knitting needles, wood and tools, pots and pans, brushes and canvas or anything else.

When we make things, time and worry fall away. We’re more aware, engaged, and excited – and we find it easier to connect with others. In truth, making connects us to our best selves.

We believe in making, and we love the fact that the internet allows makers to meet and geek out together, regardless of geography. There are many, many websites that celebrate making in all its forms. We created Make & Meaning to celebrate all the ways making enhances our lives, and all the things it causes us think about.

Also check out links to some of the contributors’ blogs: Kim Werker, Craftivism, Dudecraft.

Here’s to a wonderful 2010!

One thought on “What we do and why we do it

  1. Love. Have been following and loving Make & Meaning, and that first one? So awesome. Thank you for sharing that.

    I met an interesting person at a Raleigh art walk in December – chatted a bit and took her card. Trying to work up the courage to ask her for an interview – more service than activism based, but really great stuff.

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