Why I knit – one reason of many

There is this thing that happens to me when I become overwhelmed with obligations that I don’t want to think about. My brain switches over to this other track where, in the back of my mind at work, I think about when I get to leave and go home and knit. This week has been all about going home and knitting. I was in the office late once, and now for the second time in three days, but when I leave, I do not want to socialize or read or do much of anything else.

I can handle a couple of podcasts, and I’ve been working my way through Season 1 of The Wire. Which is awesome. And you should all listen to the Radio Lab podcast on parasites to find out why hookworm might be good for you. Lots of learning during my knitting. [Lots of learning about things that may affect me more in Kinshasa than North Carolina? Lots of learning about why building latrines encouraged the economic resurgence of the southern US a bunch of decades ago?] Go ahead. Click. It’s right in the sidebar. Hookworms, asthma, economic rebirth: who’d have thought they’re related?

In between working a little bit on this and a little bit on that, I’ve been spinning up some mystery fiber that was given to me for knitting some socks. Oh, just looked it up in my email, it’s actually 65% Border Leicester lamb, 25% tussah,
and 10% superfine kid mohair! Just a bit more of 4oz. to go, and I’ll be ready to ply.

Normally this work is about unwinding, and about spending a little time creating.

The more I get into my new job, the more I feel like this unwinding and creating time is a necessity rather than a simple choice of how to spend my down time. I’m retreating a little bit from social activities, but hopefully with the result of recharging and feeling a sense of achievement of something I can feel proud of.


2 thoughts on “Why I knit – one reason of many

  1. I think I need to listen to it again myself – there is so much information in there, and I especially liked the spooning flukes part! Who knew parasites were monogamous and romantic?

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