Taking my knitting to new levels

Hey what do you all think of my idea for a knitted pillow? Only, an image of knitting on a throw pillow! This cracks me up for some reason. I think I’m going to send my mom one for Christmas. And I’ll probably get one for me!

knitted pillow
Knitted throw pillow!

If you have to have one, too, click the link. There are some other items I pasted this image to, like tiles, totes, and Siggs. If you want a t-shirt of some sort, let me know and I’ll put one up!

[The photo is of my Parker Cardigan stitching.]

[Additional update: I won the photo contest yesterday! Thanks to everyone that voted!]

2 thoughts on “Taking my knitting to new levels

  1. I think it’s pretty funny. Maybe I’ll make a series of knitted throw pillows. I want to order one to see how it looks, because I don’t know what the quality of the product is just yet.

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