Guess what! This Thursday is going to be the inaugural meeting of the Kinshasa SnB! I can’t wait! I don’t know that we have many knitters, but I have two more friends interested in learning, and it should be educational to have other types of stitchers there, too.

I meant to do some photography over the weekend to update some of my Ravelry project descriptions, but, well, I guess I worked on knitting instead. And I was talking to one of my non-knitter friends about knitting, and I got so excited I pulled out a plastic bin of knitted goods, and we took every one out of the bin and tried it on. That would have been a photo opp, socks on hands, hats and scarves and sweaters piled on.

She said, you have a LOT of knitted things.

We sat in the AC with sweaters on and drank tea and talked about Shetland yarn (she’s Scottish), and I knitted. It almost felt like fall on the east coast.

These photos are from the Fells Point fest in Baltimore the weekend of October 3rd, some other types of handmade items instead of my own.

Is it a bonobo?
Who else was obsessed with these 20yrs ago?
Who else was obsessed with these 20yrs ago?
Makes me want to buy some eggs
Makes me want to buy some eggs

Also, thanks WordPress, I hadn’t used the “caption” function before but I like it.

3 thoughts on “Handmade

  1. Great photos h, as always! Amber’s so cute in that hat.

    And I love the mental picture of you & a friend playing and covered in many handknits!

  2. Next time we pile on the knits, I’ll break out the camera. I like that I found someone that indulges my knitting obsession. She spun a few yards on my wheel a couple weeks ago and wants to make a felted square to stick feathers in, a la 1920s. There is even a place here that sells peacock feathers from their pet birds!

  3. Adorable hat! I remember friendship bracelets!!! 🙂

    Great baskets, and that fabric from a previous post is just insane! Gas pumps! I can’t get over what they think to put on fabric there!

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