Yes! It’s going to happen!

I’m going to start a Stitch ‘n Bitch Kinshasa.

So far I have a sew-er, a quilter, and the former is a wannabe knitter.

Look out, Kinshasa!


4 thoughts on “Yes! It’s going to happen!

  1. Lucky you! I am sort of hoping for our next tour I can start a Stitch and Bitch Harare! My husband, for the record, thinks I am insane for wanting to go back.

  2. Amy – I think it’s a great idea to start SnB’s across Africa! I’ve never been to Harare but would love to check it out. I’ll be looking out for an update on whether there’s an SnB Harare meeting to attend.

    Vasco – Yes, it’s our favorite fabric! Now, what to do with it? My mum has willed me two china teapots, I’m thinking maybe a quilted cozy is in order. Gotta learn to quilt…

    Kat – YES! It’s a gas nozzle! I paid a nice sum (considering the local market) for this fabric because I thought it was hilarious, I couldn’t let it go! I have an outfit that I thought had folding fans on it, turns out they are shuttlecocks, or you know, badminton birdies.

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