Golding spun

Suddenly I have an urge to share with you some of my backlogged photos, so the spate of new blog entries continues!  Back in May, I took one of these home.

And I took some of this home.

And I spun and I spindled and I plied my little heart out.

And I ended up with this.

It is 50/50 wool and silk, about 0.5oz and 85 yards. I have quite a lot left of my 4oz of roving, plus one ounce of pure silk (the right braid above). Yummm! What will I ever dream up that will be a worthy project for spun gold?


3 thoughts on “Golding spun

  1. Beautiful spinning!! My silk is still on the spindle and I’ll spin it for an hour or so once in a blue moon or for procrastination purposes. That color still slays me.

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