Ante upped

I’ve received an addition to my $500 commitment of $100 from an anonymous donor, so Pete from MSF is getting $600 for his sock!

(And I haven’t received a Pete update in a while, so here’s assuming there is plenty of time to up the ante even more…)

As for the knitting, there is quite a bit of it happening in my life, but I have no link at the moment between my camera and my internet! One baby blanket is 99% done. I have EIGHT pregnant friends. There is a lot more in the works.

Plus, I’ve started French Girl Knits’ “Sophie,” and Melissa Wehrle’s “Zickzack Tunic.” Who knows if they’ll ever be done. I’m starting to think that finished knitted object are just not my thing. I enjoy the act of knitting, and at one point had decided to stick with rectangles/squares or socks, since I only finished those. (Sorry, I’m link-lazy…)

But I keep getting distracted with other lovely lovelies, such as this,* which I want to start RIGHT NOW! I have the perfect yarn! (Malabrigo sock, in a similar red.) I even wound one skein last night, and the feel of it is just wonderful. I wish there were fall in Kinshasa, because this yarn makes me think of big piles of leaves and pumpkins. Instead, I’m working on the 4-5 projects I already have going…

*Fall 09 Knitty, “Ruby Red”


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