Central Africa and a Sheep Wedding

I’ve left my SnB and my spinning groups behind. I moved to Kinshasa, DR Congo, where I have lived before, and which many of you may have heard of now that Hillary Clinton visited last week. Even though I miss North Carolina, and being in proximity to all of my friends there and in driving distance from there, I needed to go.

So, here I am. My job has changed, although I’m still working in public health/HIV. It’s a new, big challenge and will have some really exciting parts to it, and probably really frustrating too (it’s central Africa, after all).

I’m blogging at work since I don’t yet have internet set up at the apartment, and my work days have been so long that all I’m doing is trying to keep up with people. I have a couple knitting projects going, but even working on a couple rows at the end of the day is hard when it’s past my bed time. So, those projects are going very slowly, but I have a long open weekend in front of me!

In the mean time, this came through the spinning list, and I’m sure many of you have seen it, but it’s so amazing that I had to share. What an incredible creative endeavor. Click on the photo for more and also visit here.


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