Also, apparently I’ve made a wager with Pete

One day Steve, a knitting physician, came across MSF-UK’s p/hop site and told Pete, web editor at Medecins Sans Frontieres in London, that if he could knit anything, Steve would donate $500 to MSF.

I know this “mysterious link between knitting and international medical aid” continues to be mysterious to many, and I am enjoying even more the idea that an MSF web developer would learn to knit to win more donations.

But Pete is no ordinary web developer. He’s now a member of Ravelry (msf-pete), and has indeed fulfilled Steve’s challenge. In fact, he and some friends wrote and performed a song about it while on holiday in Ghana.

I work in HIV in DR Congo, and I was pretty impressed and feeling brazen, so, knowing the amazing work that MSF does there, I upped the knitting ante and said that I would match Steve’s donation when Pete knit his first sock. Fortunately for Pete, he’s got a lot of sock choices, patterns donated to p/hop by knit designers.

And fortunately also for Pete, he’s tracked me down on Ravelry.

If anyone else wants to up the donation ante and join me in contributing to Pete’s sock knitting experiment, leave me a comment and we’ll make it happen!

ps. How can I get in touch with Steve, and is he by any chance straight and single?


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