So what, I’m a crotchety spinster

I know, I know, bad form coming out of hiding to be crotchety. Skip this entry if you don’t want to read bitching and moaning. [Disclaimer: This is not about any one person or anyone I know.]

The past couple of years I have tried to curb my consumerist tendencies, including in the way of yarn and fiber. Recently I fell off the wagon a bit, including adding two spindles to the collection. I’m enjoying them a lot, and I really enjoy sharing photos and purchases with my friends, so you might see them up here soon. And I skim through some knitting blogs via Bloglines, and I love photos, yarn pr0n, whatever, I like the colors and the photography skills, etc.

What bothers me, though, is the wholesale Christmas-morning-style show-and-tell in blogland (e.g. post MDS&W). LOOK WHAT I GOT! LOOK AT MY HUGE PILE! LOOK HOW MUCH STUFF I BOUGHT! It makes me really uncomfortable. I’m not sure exactly why. Partly it is the consumerism, and partly it’s the egotism perhaps. Partly it’s finding myself looking at other people’s stuff for no apparent reason: it’s not connected to a project, you didn’t talk about why it’s so great or what you’re going to use it for. And partly it’s my self-consciousness about my own stash, because don’t we react most violently to tendencies in others that we in fact share?

So, I will follow my own advice and stay away from gratuitous stash photos. I’m going to photograph yarn, and I’m going to post it on my blog, but I want it to be part of a process (whether it is knitting or photography) and part of creation, not all about LOOK WHAT I GOT!


5 thoughts on “So what, I’m a crotchety spinster

  1. Dude, sometimes I feel like creation is such a slow process for me, I may never have anything to talk about/show 😉 There’s more than just an element of justification when I tell myself that at least I’m supporting something I feel good about instead of a piece of plastic or a clothing I don’t need, or whatever, because the purchasing only really supports our (Tad&my) goals when the fiber/yarn can be used within a short span of time. There must be a balance between supporting small yarn producers and independent fiber folks and designers, etc, and reigning it in… I’m trying to find it – let you know when I’ve got it all sorted (Riiiight.)

  2. C’mon, can’t you at least show us your new spindles? Spin something on them and then post the picture, so you don’t feel like you’re showing off. I know what you mean, though, I do sometimes post pictures of my goodies – everyone seems to like them, well, MOST everyone ;o) – and I have some enabling to pay back, too.

    Can I just say how jealous I am that you and Mel are in the same fiber guild? I need to move to NC!

  3. Oh, and at first I thought you were coming out of hiding to be all “crochet-y” and thought I’d see some hookin’ going on. heh.

  4. I saw your comment on corporette and thought “ooh! another knitter who reads corporette!” so I decided to say hi. Hi!

  5. The worst are the shots of the craft areas that look more like yarn-stores or fabric stores. I need more “stash” projects… but, then again, I don’t need more “projects.” What are you up to lately?

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