Knitting update and thoughts for 2009

Recently I’ve been frustrated at myself for not finishing more large projects. There are several laying about, either with ends dragging around or buttonless. I’ve worn three sweaters this week that don’t have a fastening, two I closed with a dpn and one I wore with a pin. But it’s getting a bit silly, I think.

I haven’t done a formal taking stock since I am still jetlagged, but this weekend this is on my agenda. At least one sweater needs to be completely frogged. One requires minor finishing.

And this one, I finally picked out of the bag again and started working on the second sleeve. It is quite a bit of work, with two yarn ends and four circular ends to get tangled.


The sad part about this sweater is that as soon as I finish the second sleeve, I will ravel the first, because I misunderstood the directions and picked up 12 stitches fewer than intended.

After sleeves, this sweater requires steeking and finishing. It might take me till 2010…

Other thoughts about knitting and 2009: I want to do something more imbued with meaning than rainbow colored squares or spring green bobbles or self-striping socks.

I have a few ideas in mind, one of which is the sort of thing that will involve somewhat brainless knitting for a long time till I have a large wall hanging or similar object, whose meaning will be more like a statement on a placard next to where it is hung. The actual knitted object result doesn’t matter too much, though I have some ideas of how to visually represent my idea.

The other main idea is a statement involving developing small graphics and knitting them into mundane objects like socks and mittens. You’ll hear from me if/when either of these ideas turns into something tangible…


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