Oh socks, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

All I ever finish these days is socks. They are easy, portable, variable or not, and you can’t have too many; or, you can give them away.

I finished one pair that I’m not going to show you just yet. I’m wondering if I should maybe submit it somewhere, or just write it up and offer the .pdf for sale? Of course, it takes me ages these days to finish anything, so maybe next year I’ll have a follow-up post about that.

In the mean time, here are two ways in which I love socks.

1. Ribbed, yellow, fake fair-isle, cotton blend socks with Plymouth Sockotta. Only one shown here, but second one about 75% done.

[click photo to embiggen…]

2. Again, only one sock, but second one about 50% done, this with fatter yarn on fatter needles (#4) but the same concept. Made with Art Yarns merino sport weight, but only ~104 yds/skein, so guess what, I ran out! And now have a blue-green toe, and soon will have two.

[no embiggen option offered because it looks blurry!]

However, I will say that there has been progress on these two projects, a cable vest that still needs back shoulders and edging, and my Kimono Shawl, which has around 15 of 25 repeats knitted.

But… I’m heading off to Kinshasa again, so I may finish a sock or two (three more skeins of Sockotta await) but I don’t have big ambitions at the moment.


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