Checking in and checking out

Posts are going to continue to be slow on the HeatherKnits front for a little bit. I made it back from Equateur Province with one complete Kilt Ho– and now have a pair of Kilt Hose (17 days for the pair, just like the last pair) but no photo!

Stalled on the Kauni Cardigan and the Mystery Stole but made it over those humps last night so I will be working away on those once again. A couple of other socks have made it to the finish line as well.

I also have had some gastro-intestinal fallout from the water and a bad cough/cold from too much airplane time. And the internet at my house crapped out.

But in the mean time, I finished up my visit in DR Congo, came home, took on some new work, and will be heading out to Kinshasa again in the next couple of days (!!). In case you were wondering what is up. That’s what’s up! I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off hoping against hope to get my visa in time for my Thursday departure, wondering how to do laundry when I’ve misplaced the key to my neighbor’s apartment, and “staying home sick” but heading out to the cafe next door since I have to do work and, well, my internet crapped out!

It sounds ridiculous, but I think I’ll be a more reliable blogger once I leave town again!


4 thoughts on “Checking in and checking out

  1. I was getting worried about you. Glad to hear that you are or will be okay soon. 17 days for the Kilt Hose is something to be proud of. Feel better.

  2. hi- so i got stalled on ms3 also but picked up this week and am again making progress; blocking it should be entertaining. hope the cold and everything are getting better.

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