Into the hinterlands

I have a quick update for you with a progress shot – I think I’ve added five repeats since the last photo, and I’ve done two since reaching the armpits. I am so glad that I brought this project with me – even though the yarn takes up a lot of space, it is so nice and relaxing to work on, at least pre-sleeves.

This week I’ll be out of internet range checking out a project that I have not visited before. We’ll be driving over non-roads and battling the insects and eating lots of canned sardines and bread (I imagine, from similar trips in the past). We’ll be bucket bathing and talking to people who will tell us all of their health needs and I’ll feel frustrated that I cannot change their situation with a wave of my imaginary wand. But we’ll hear directly from our provincial and community coordinators, and from the traditional birth attendants and community health workers that collect data for our research.

Since neither the Kauni nor MS3 were really cut out for trips to the interior, I think I’ll be bringing my as of yet nonexistent Highland Schottische Kilt Hose with me.

In the mean time, one more photo, this one of a storefront in Kinshasa, the Dorcas bucket shop!


4 thoughts on “Into the hinterlands

  1. Wow, you are making tracks on that cardigan!! It’s excellent – love the colors. Hope you are well & travel safe next week. I can only imagine the frustration of the missing magic wand 😦

  2. if only we all had magic wands to fix health problems.i suppose its good you like sardines- have a productive trip! and the cardi is going to be amazing…sue

  3. This looks really amazing! I am totally impressed with your color work. We might need to have an in-service training in september.

    I am also impressed you are doing another set of the highland socks- I thought you would hate everything highland after the two-size-13-hose-in-three-weeks experience?

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