Oh no only 23%!

Something that did not occur to me is that South Africa would require a different plug adaptor from what I have for Kinshasa. So I am quickly running out of computer juice, but in the mean time a brief update.

I am in Johannesburg. I had two uneventful overnight flights and was so tired that I slept all day. I almost fell asleep in a lecture on environmental change and its relationship to conflict in Darfur yesterday in London. How rude! I met a friend for lunch and we went to a super cute cafe with a Vespa theme near Waterloo station – I think it was on Marsh Street…

Also did not realize that I would not be able to check my luggage through to Johannesburg because I was arriving at one airport in London and leaving from another. So I was very tired after lugging luggage across the city on the tube. But all told, everything went well. Until my South African Air flight. The flight itself was lovely, but I don’t think I should have had that big container of fruit from Marks and Spencer (or something…) because my stomach has been rumbling in a threatening manner for hours and hour and hours.

I brought the Kauni cardigan with me – here’s a view that looks almost like the other day, but no, look carefully and you will see two more square repeats!!

(No I will not show it to you every two repeats.)

My guesthouse here in Joburg is very nice, and the weather is cool, like fall – what a relief from North Carolina! I went out to 7th street in Melville for dinner, quite the trendy little area. I think I picked a good spot to stay – thanks Margaret for facilitating the connection!

Here is my room, super comfortable (and, I know, kind of boring, but like I said, I slept ALL DAY so I don’t have any other photos for you yet!).

Tomorrow I am meeting up with a contact that I hope is willing to drive me around to see – well – whatever it is that I am supposed to see here!


2 thoughts on “Oh no only 23%!

  1. hi- sorry about the luggage lugging. off topic- what do you think of ms3 now? not the theme but the

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