It’s not vacation

Mel is on vacation, and Jenifleur is on vacation, and both posting about that most important question – what knitting to bring???

I am leaving in 1 hour and I am still wrestling with this problem. I will have two overnight flights and one daytime flight spread over several days. I’ll have 12 hours layover in London, which will probably turn into only 6 actual hours of free time but still, there will be train time and waiting time. I’ll have most of three days in South Africa, but I’ll be out touring around (or completely crashed after two overnight flights…). Then I spend three weeks in DR Congo, one of which will be out in the boonies, where I’m not even sure I’ll take any knitting. Those car rides are pretty ridiculous, more of an athletic feat on rutted and pitted and potholed dirt roads than relaxing knitting time.

I am bringing a medium suitcase, a frame pack, and a carryon thingie with my laptop, etc. The MS3 is coming with me. I can’t leave that behind when Clue 5 is a mere 2 days away! And I bought yarn for another pair of Kilt Hose – yeah!! So that’s coming, too. Is a pair of knee socks and one more shawl clue enough to keep me occupied for almost all of August? Probably, but somehow it doesn’t seem like enough.

The problem, really, is that I don’t want to leave this behind.

This also came in the mail, but I don’t think it’s going in the carryon. Or the suitcase. It requires too much attention for this trip, I think. *sniffle*

And I had some vague thought that I would finish the Josephine Top before I left, but no, that’s going to be awaiting my return as well. I did the sleeve caps at least…

Ugh. Gotta go! Wish me luck with the London airports and their restrictive needle obsessions…


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