Welcome to the back porch

The weekend in Asheville was so nice and relaxing. The weather was gorgeous – sunny and not too hot, downright cool at night, just delicious. We spent time sitting on the back porch of our cabin looking at this view:

There was some success making friends with the goats, who were very excited about the alfalfa cakes that were left for us in the kitchen to use as snacks. But the llamas were consistently standoffish.

There was more sitting on the back porch.

We visited Purls, Earth Guild, and Yarn Paradise – I left with not much, but take a look at this Koigu that I found! Hello anklet socks!

The wheel, I hate to say, did not even see the light of day, but MS3 got some attention. I would highly recommend, though, not skipping over an entire chart. There was some ripping, but now I am back on track.

There may have also been some vodka ice cream sodas consumed and attempts to set the vodka-doused pound cake on fire, but completely unrelated to the MS3 mess-up, I promise.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to the back porch

  1. Oh! What a fabulous view! I may have to check out that cabin to rent for SAFF next year. Sorry to have missed it, but glad you had a good time!

  2. It was so good to see you girls. I left Saturday night realizing just how long it had been since I had really just stopped and relaxed with my knitting. Thanks again for the birthday ice cream. See you girls in October at SAFF.

  3. I am just admiring the mystery stole you have going and would like to know where I would purchase the pattern. I know, it is probably a private pattern but I have to ask. Lace knitting is my love and this pattern is amazing. I came across a picture of it in The Knitting Design Book but there was no pattern or chart.
    Thanks for the view at any rate.

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