Goin to a llama farm!

Yes siree Bob, heading to Asheville today to stay in a cabin near some llamas, maybe make some friends, and check out the Southern Highland Craft Fair.

Emily, Amy, and Stacey will be there.

I am bringing the wheel and of course, some knitting.

MS3. Kauni Cardi (not yet started). Possibly Ene’s Scarf. Slim chance of bringing the Bee Fields Shawl, which hasn’t shown up in the mail just yet….. and definitely a sock.

See you next week!


5 thoughts on “Goin to a llama farm!

  1. oh my- i have been eying the bee fields shawl and contemplating the purchase of the kit because it looks so awesome on her site. and i’m jealous that you are at a cool fair in the mountains and i’m,well, not. have a great time!

  2. I went to a llama farm on Sunday–it’s even local! There are photos over on my blog of my son getting his toes sniffed by a llama!

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