Summer of Socks 2007 update

I’ve gotten a bit off track these past few weeks – in the beginning, I knitted merrily along and came up with these numbers, which I posted in the hiking boots a couple posts ago at the top of the FO Report, but here they are in all their glory for you to admire – made from Three Waters Farm sock yarn in the Lilac colorway. (Although certainly the scenery was better in the boots at the top of the mountain.)

[Click for the big version!]

And here is another one sock…… I am trying to get its mate done, but, well, you know, there’s been MS3 work happening and a bit recently on Josephine, which I would love to finish before the end of summer…

[Clickety click!]

This orange and white and brown and blue and teal beauty is Hello Yarn‘s Tough Sock in colorway Glowing.

(Oh yeah, and not about socks but totally frogged this. I think I found a top design that will only require one skein! I want to make something really wonderful from this yarn. And frankly, I simply do not need another scarf.)

ETA: If you signed up and are still waiting for your Ravelry invite and want to check your status, go here. When you sign up, look me up (heatherknits, yeah crazy I know) and add me to your list.


4 thoughts on “Summer of Socks 2007 update

  1. Oh you frogged that scarf?! You had put so much work into it, but I know how it goes. Your socks are extraordinary. 😛

  2. i too am amzed you frogged the scarf after getting nearly to the end but it would be wonderful if you could get a lovely top out of it. sue

  3. Gorgeous socks! And thanks for the link, I was getting a leeetle curious about my Ravelry status and had no idea there was a way of checking up!

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