Vacation redux

I’m veering off the knitting track to share some Colorado photos with you. This is photo-heavy so I’ve cut it on my site but I don’t know how your feeds may treat this post. Hope it works OK!

1. Silverton from afar.

2. Silverton up close.

3. The Shady Lady Saloon (also Silverton).

4. Hamming it up for the camera.

5. This beauty resides on my parents’ property – belongs to the previous owner.

6. Old family home at defunct mining town of Animas Forks.

7. View from the rim of Canyon de Chelly (Arizona).

8. Cat Rock at Canyon de Chelly.

9. White House Ruins – centuries old cliff homes formerly of Anasazi and Navajo people.


3 thoughts on “Vacation redux

  1. wow – incredibly beautiful. I’m so glad you posted those pictures – I just want to fall into them!

    Great to see you last night!

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