FO Report

So. There are some FOs and some WIPs that haven’t seen the light of day yet.

First, there are some socks, my first Summer of Socks 2007 socks!

These were already put to use on vacation because I didn’t count on my flipflops breaking so I ran out of socks. I can guarantee you that if you use freshly dyed yarn and put them on your feet along with hiking boots right after sewing in ends with no bath in between, you will end up with blue and purple striped feet.

There are two baby items, the Petal Bib by Leigh Radford from One Skein made from Rowan Handknit Cotton and a rectangular cotton bib made from Sugar ‘n Cream:

Progress on WIPs – first of all, Mystery Stole! I’ve completed Clue 1 and half of Clue 2:

And, the SeaSilk scarf WILL NOT END!!! I swear I’ve had a quarter skein for ages, and I worked on it all weekend! The scarf is growing, about long enough now to comfortably wear wrapped or in a French Knot or whatever you call it. Here it is a while back:

There are a couple other WIPs that don’t have photos yet, and once I make some progress on them, I might delve into the world of Kauni… the yarn is gorgeous, but stretchy and sticky, which means it took me all weekend to wind. I have two small ones and two large ones, a total of 520g.


2 thoughts on “FO Report

  1. so, you have managed to keep busy. i bet your feet looked very entertaining when they were all striped! i have finished clue 1 of ms3 and am starting 2 tomorrow- i figure the harry potter break will allow me to catch up. can’t wait to see the kauni in person. sue

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