Nominations and Scattergories for bloggers

First order of business: Two people have nominated me as a

Thanks Jane and Emily!

Now I get to nominate 5 of you. These are all, well, Rockin’ Girl Knitbloggers.

Purling Plans

You can see how this might get a little out of hand…5×5=25×5=125×5=625×5=(ad nauseum) – but I think it’s a great way to share what we’re reading with each other.

And in another dose of silliness, here is a meme that I believe came from Jane but I also saw it over at JenLa‘s, cut for the impatient and disinterested.

Your Name: Heather

1. Famous Singer/Band: Heart

2. 4 letter word: harp

3. Street Name: Hollywood Boulevard

4. Color: Heather

5. Gifts/Presents: Harry and David’s

6. Vehicle: Harley Davidson

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: headdress?

8. Boy Name: Heath

9. Girl Name: Hazel

10. Movie Title: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

11. Drink: Honey wine

12. Occupation: Horticulturist

13. Celebrity: Heath Ledger

14. Magazine: Hustler

15. U.S. City: Hershey, PA

16. Pro Sports Teams: Houston Rockets

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: haircut?

19. Something You Throw Away: Happy Meal box

20. Things You Shout: Hey you!

21. Cartoon Character: Huey (Dewey and Louie)


4 thoughts on “Nominations and Scattergories for bloggers

  1. Aw, thanks! Who’d have thought a cute little pink button could make my day? I’m (almost) sad that you got me first – I thought your blog was way cool before I even knew it was you 🙂

    Rock on!

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