Mystery Stole

Jane‘s doing it.

Sarah‘s doing it.

Bonne Marie
‘s doing it.

I didn’t mean to wait till the last minute to post about this, but I was stalled by the lack of photo. And I still don’t have a photo so click on the links above to get a taste.

But I’ve been enchanted by the idea of mystery, by trusting someone and her design abilities to the extent that I don’t mind receiving only a bit piece each week. I have decided that if I ever have a child, I don’t want to know the gender till the last minute – and I will knit baby things in ALL colors, preferably not pastels – so not knowing the outcome of the stole till the last clue doesn’t bother me in the least, and gestation is much shorter.

I didn’t know about Mystery Stole 1 & 2, for which there were something like 700 and 2000 participants respectively. When I joined Mystery Stole 3, there were around 2000 members, and now it’s up to WHAT????? I JUST CHECKED IT AND THERE ARE 1400 MORE MEMBERS SINCE YESTERDAY! THERE ARE NOW 6249 PEOPLE! Yesterday there were 4600. I suspect this jump has to do with Stephanie McPhee’s post? Thankfully she’s told you all about this KAL already so I don’t feel as though I have been keeping something from you. [The reason I say this is that signups end at midnight tonight so go join!]

This stole is optionally beaded, and since I don’t have beads, I am skipping that part. I’ve chosen Schaefer Yarns’ Anne in a slate blue and grey colorway.

So, I’ve finished the first 100 rows, and lest you think I’ve been slacking, I also knit three socks for SOS2007 (see sidebar) but I’ll leave you with photos to illustrate my nonknitting activities as outlined in the previous entry.


7 thoughts on “Mystery Stole

  1. MS 3 is likely to make me break the yarn fast. New needles may even be involved. And Curly-top says those are mighty fly yellow ear goggles you’re wearing.

  2. I’m thinking twice about messing with you right now after that gun pic.

    Very cool pics – amazing mountains….. *sigh* hope you had an awesome time! And, can’t wait to see pics of the mystery stole – totally intriguing!

  3. Wow, you are obviously a knitter to be reckoned with! Beautiful photos, though. I am loving the Mystery Shawl so much that I’ve already finished Clue 2 (not bragging – just had a lot of time on my hands today.) Now I can’t wait for next Friday!

  4. Hi,
    thanks for visiting my blogg.
    I love reading your blogg och enjoy your great pictures. You´re on my list of favourit bloggs 🙂
    I´ll thinking og starting to blogg in english wich probably would increase my numbers of readers.
    I am reading The Timetravellers Wife and love it. Much better than I thought it would be.

  5. Are you preparing for your next overseas adventure or shooting handguns for some other reason?

    I had to not join several cool knitalongs just now. sigh.

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