Kiri, and Summer of Socks, and postage from Germany

Thanks to Blogless Kathryn, who took charge when I was getting ready to flee the country, I have photos of the Kiri shawl that I knit back in March. And thanks to my complicated yet uncoordinated system of an ancient personal laptop from 2000 and a work laptop that has no CD-ROM drive, it’s taken me a while to upload the photos. But, enfin, here it is.

I really enjoyed knitting this shawl, and even though I would have liked to keep it, it went instead to a raffle. The report from Carolyn from spinning guild is that the winner is enjoying it, so my mission is fulfilled! The yarn was a donation from Avillion Farm, and I just loved working with it.

Next up – gearing up for Summer of Socks 2007, which begins on the first day of summer, of course – 5am tomorrow, for those of you wanting to start right away on heading toward that “Most Socks” goal. I think I could easily drive myself crazy, so I am not planning to compete in the Most Socks category, which is probably a good thing, since I started a pair a week early, and they wouldn’t count toward the tally.

These are Child’s First Socks, Shell Pattern from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks.

I am using Mountain Colors Bearfoot (wool, mohair, nylon) in the Yellowstone colorway, which I LOVE. It’s got bits of caramel, chestnut, and chocolate in it, lazily winding around the sock in thick stripes. And the pattern is delightful – I got the hang of it after two repeats, and the socks have been a breeze.

But I took stock of the sock yarn stash, and I just frogged this one – for the second time! I love the colorway, Lilac, from Three Waters Farm, but I can’t settle on a pattern that suits the fine gauge and the dark tones.

Betcha can’t even tell that there was a pattern in there. Yeah, me neither, so this yarn will likely turn into a simple ribbed pattern.

But there are also these lovely treats awaiting me – you can see how eager I was at one point, since they are already wound into balls or cakes.

There is some Trekking, some yarn I got in Switzerland, whose name I can’t remember since I’ve never heard of it before, some Fleece Artist sock yarn in the Jester colorway, some Sunshine hand-dyed in Neopolitan, and some Hello Yarn Tough Sock in Glowing.

The mysterious Swiss stuff comes with reinforcement thread and has some subtle striping going on.

And more sock yarn is on the way. I might have had to add some to my order when I snatched up some Kauni rainbow yarn for this cardigan after seeing Yarn Harlot’s progress. (Purlwise also has a very nice finished product here.)

[Note: Yarn Harlot was not kidding about postage. Even though I am a bit ashamed to admit it, I will tell the rest of you what the real cost was, since she was vague and you might want to be forewarned. The rate does not come up in your shopping cart but the shop owner will contact you after you order. Apparently the secure packaging in which they ship from Germany is a flat rate of THIRTY SEVEN EUROS. That is why I stocked up on some Opal that was on sale even though the focus lately has been stash busting………..]


6 thoughts on “Kiri, and Summer of Socks, and postage from Germany

  1. That postage rate is exactly why I think people aught to carpool on this yarn. I wish I had asked around to see who wanted to order with me. It would have made it way cheaper to share shipping.

  2. The Kiri looks super good. I love how simple the white looks. I agree about the three waters farm sock, a simple pattern will let the colorway stand out.

    Starting Summer of Socks myself, though I am going for the most traveled sock, rather then most knitted, but you can probably beat me in that category too!

  3. Your Kiri Shawl is just beautiful 🙂 I had the pleasure of meeting it (and petting it – so soft!) at the spin night where it got handed off to Carolyn. very cool!!

    Love the sweater from the previous post as well!

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