Ravelry and Destash

Yes I jumped on the bandwagon and joined Ravelry last week or so. If you are on there, leave me a comment or just go add me to your friends. My username is heatherknits (shocking, I know!).

Also, I just read that there is some Destash function on Ravelry, but for anyone else mourning the now defunct Destash on Blogger, you can drop by Destash For Cash hosted at WordPress.


Fresh Ground Knits started it last week and over the weekend, it’s really taken off. If you need to destash or are looking for additions to yours, head on over and check it out.


And for some actual knitting content, here is a bad photo of a cardigan that I worked on when I was under a deadline for the kilt hose. I can’t be true, I just can’t!

This was such a relief to work on in 10 1/2 US needles. It was in the bottom of a bin for 3 years or so and needs a zipper, but other than that, it’s finished. I got some Noro Piero – does this even exist anymore? – from Ebay a while back and used an advertisement pattern from an issue of Vogue Knitting to do this large-collared knit with cables up the front. I love the delicates, but man, I tell ya, the satisfaction of knitting with HUGE YARN!


5 thoughts on “Ravelry and Destash

  1. the sweater looks pretty cool but kinda warm to wear to knitting group to show off til fall or so. hope you can find a great zipper to go with it! sue

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