I’m bored with all my knitting projects. And after sitting at a computer all day, I haven’t wanted to blog. There’s been progress on a few things… nothing that I am super excited with, and nothing summery and finished.

In between not knitting, working, and making innumerable visits to medical establishments lately (neither the eye dilation nor the post-tooth-drilling headache have augmented the crafting), I did a bit of spinning. This gold stuff, about 2oz., went very quickly.

But the merino tencel took ages, and it’s difficult to photograph. Gorgeous to knit, though.

And I just experimented with something labeled “natural colored wool” – perhaps 0.5oz… the spinning went quickly on this – maybe sticking with plain old wool is the key?

After that, I about tore my hair out with the >1in. drafting zone of the recycled denim.

Tonight is Spinning Guild. I’ll be working on teal top that might get plied with the gold.


3 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. mmmmm! That Merino Tencel was even prettier in person. I love the colors 🙂 I’m so impressed with all your spinning, the recycled denim looks great too – I’ve got some cotton I really want to try, but I’m nervous. I’m officially inspired – after I finish the little blue thingie (tonight? tomorrow?) now I’m fighting boredom with the linen stitch – must finish quick!! I WILL dedicate some more time to my wheel. I will.

    Happy Friday!! (Thank Gord.)

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