Not starting and not finishing

I wanted to swatch for Demi even though this is too warm a project to be working on just now – the AC isn’t on yet in my apartment so scratchy wool is definitely not the material of choice. But there’s no harm in swatching, right? I love the texture in this sweater, and I thought my swatch would look something like this:

Instead, the gauge was given over stockinette. So. I did stockinette. Yes I am deflated.

But. I did get to use the method that TECHKnitter mentioned the other day of remembering which needle my swatch was knit on – it’s ingenius, I tell you. Just tie knots in the end of your yarn to equal the number of the size. Eight knots = 8US. This will come in handy when I pick up that swatch months from now and think about casting on.

As for the not finishing, I was making great strides toward getting this cardigan off my plate, from Sarah Dallas and Yesterknits’ Vintage Knits.

Only mine is not made from Rowan yarn, it’s made from some orange cotton that was demoted to $1/skein in the huge sale that the Garden District Needlework Shop had when they first converted to a knitting and embroidery shop from an antique dealer. And it’s edged with a bit of Classic Elite Provence.

So each piece was done and seamed except the neckband and the button bands. I’ll do the neck band last since I’m eliminating the bow and I’ll have to remeasure the length.

But. Uh, have any of you ever had this problem with your button bands?

I sewed on the one on the right in this photo first. It was uneven. I tried to compensate. I made it worse. I thought, I’ll leave it on till I see if I can correct the other one. The left one, the button hole band, is worse than worse! I was told to knit the button bands shorter than the cardigan front edges, such that when pulled slightly, they lined up correctly. I’d say I cut off about 3/4″ or 1″ from the length of the front pieces. But seaming screwed me up. I think it’s that the bands are knit on 2US and the body is knit on 6US. So I have to readjust my laddering in kitchener stitch.

Other advice?

I will say that this will probably stand alone as my one and only effort on separately knitted button bands…


2 thoughts on “Not starting and not finishing

  1. I’m really excited to see your cardi when you get those button bands set — I’ve made that in wool cotton (definitely a splurge!). I had a somewhat similar problem with a bag gusset lately, only mine was too short; I picked out the bo/co edges and knit more, then seamed.

  2. so, oh dear, given how well you do things the fact that this is working out this way suggests its their fault. certainly not an endorsement for separate button bands though i do understand the theory of why they are made so. i must confess it has been a long time since i made a grown up sweater with a button band- the baby ones mostly let you knit ’em in one piece with the fronts. sue

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