Delivery from the Fairy Godknitter

Yesterday I went to see the film Waitress with some ladies from the SnB, and after following that up with eating some pie – obligatory after this film, I think – I arrived home to find a package on my doorstep. The package was not a surprise, but I’d been mainly anticipating that book.

Instead, I found mini-packages inside the package, along with the book.

And when I opened those, I found not only the book, but biscotti, and CHOCOLATES!

AND, a skein of Fleece Artist‘s Sea Wool in the Lily Pond colorway. Look at this baby.

Just luscious. This stuff is 70% wool and 30% seacell, and has a silk-like sheen to it. I’ve been dreaming up projects for it already…

Thanks, Fairy Godknitter! I feel utterly spoiled.


One thought on “Delivery from the Fairy Godknitter

  1. Oh my goodness … you are sooo lucky! What a lovely package — and yummy looking chocolates! I also am IN LOVE WITH the yarn — heavenly colour!

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