Good and sad

The good – My number finally came up in the random number generator, for The Fairy GodKnitter’s contest!

So I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book to see what interesting bits it holds between its covers.

The sadSOMEONE PAINTED OVER A COMMUNITY MURAL IN CARRBORO! WTF, PEOPLE? Totally pathetic – some random guy “hired” day laborers but never paid them, and he wasn’t the building or business owner.

This post has a beautiful photo of the mural, along with the contrasting current state of affairs. What a shame – defacing public art! Come on – no other way to get your jollies? Well, as the commenters on the first link above at Orange Politics said, this is a great opportunity for Carrboro to host a community graffiti contest or fundraiser.

Just for kicks, here is my own contribution to community art, completed in 1995, which I believe no longer exists, since my high school expanded the math/science wing a few years ago where I painted this design:


2 thoughts on “Good and sad

  1. i saw the story on the wall and it is just very odd and sad. that said, hooray on winning the contest. i was just at FGK and linked here wondering if it was the heather i knew and…it was.

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