What real men wear

I am VERY happy to say that the kilt hose are finished and have been sent off in the mail.

(I write this note because I don’t know if you know what usually comes with kilt rentals, but here is an idea for you and it ain’t pretty!)

Next thing to send off is the secret project, which has been languishing because I am working on calculating inches and stitches for five sizes of the pattern, a new experience for me – it is much more involved than plain old knitting.

It is taking a long time to get back to functional after being in Kinshasa but I think I am about there. I am working hard to clear my plate of prior obligations so that I can freely knit for myself again!

And I have done a teeny bit of spinning, with a nice variety of colors:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:


4 thoughts on “What real men wear

  1. I can’t believe you knit those so quickly!! They came out so great 🙂

    The spinning is yummy – I love those colors, can’t wait to see it plied up!

    Good luck with your calculations – I’m math challenged (and therefore worried about that bit!) I’m excited to see your secret project!!

  2. I cannot wait to send you photos of him wearing them. I am hoping they come in the mail today!!!!

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