Two kilt hose, one kilt ho–?

It’s almost the end of the week. I am so glad – each time Friday arrives, I breathe a sigh of relief, but I know that two days’ reprieve won’t be long enough.

Especially not this weekend. I’ve finished one sock (what is the singular of Kilt Hose, please?), which took me just over a week. And I’ve finished the cuff of the second one – but somehow I think I’ll be able to finish it by Monday or Tuesday?

This was the best photo I could get… I really need to hire some help.

Also, even though I was really trying to be faithful to this project, the allure of the Sea Silk was too much for me. I cast on for the scarf that I had my eye on in mes accessoires from La Droguerie.

It’s going really slowly, actually, I suppose since the needles are only #4US. The pattern is nice, since there is only one right-side pattern row. I’ve been going around with the kilt hose in my purse, but the scarf is great for times when I can’t pay attention to shaping.

This week, I also put in an hour or so a couple evenings on spinning and made it halfway through this bit of fluff.

But I’ll show you that next time – maybe I’ll even have some plied by then…


8 thoughts on “Two kilt hose, one kilt ho–?

  1. uh, Kilt Ho?

    I’m in awe of your sock (hose? ho?) knitting Heather – pretty darn awesome stuff! And I can’t wait to see your spinning 🙂

  2. um, yeah, I should have been paying closer attention to your clever title. But I was too busy cracking myself up. I’m so observant after a drink (or two) 😐

  3. so the lone kilt ho is fabulous looking and, sure, sure you can get all the rest of the other done this weekend….the scarf looks lovely as well. sue

  4. Kilt Ho! ha! 🙂

    I am planning to make these socks for the next round of Project Spectrum (in a burgundy) so I am so happy to see yours knitting up so well. They look smashing in that gray!

  5. Gorgeous sock! And yes, i too have been wondering what the singular of ‘kilt hose’ is. I just turned the heel on kilt hose singular #1, so now it’s straight on to foot territory! Woo hoo!

  6. Perhaps as a way of thwarting “lone sock syndrome,” there is no singular of hose–they’re always a pair (at least). Very lovely.

    Looking forward to seeing your spinning. I got through a fair amount this weekend, too, and then had the sense to drop by the farmer’s market to see the spinning instructor, who showed me a thing or two on the spot that made an amazing difference. I don’t feel too bad about free instruction, because I immediately went to Yarns, etc., and bought another 6 ounces of her roving. And I thought my sock obsession was bad. Uh-oh!

  7. That’s some serious sock knitting skill, damn! Looking forward to the spinning too- that is some gorgeous fiber. Love the shine to it.

  8. Your “Kilt Ho” is incrediable — and in only one week!? I was lucky enough to visit La Droguerie last summer and was in absolute heaven.

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