Color and texture

EDIT: My bad. I received an email from Cara to let me know that although she wasn’t asking me to take down the photograph of the card (I did anyway), her policy is that her photos do not get posted without her permission. I apologize for not asking first. I am posting this as a reminder to myself and others. Amber, this is perhaps a good example of why I asked you even though you thought I was being silly. In this case, I thought that a direct link to the photo source was enough, but it depends on the individual.

[I tried posting this last night but lately the internet seems to work all the time till I try blogging or uploading photos…]

Here are some photos that I swiped from Amber that she took at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I forgot the memory card for my camera so I don’t have my own. But we had a grand ole time wandering around and eating food and touching fiber:

We saw lots of people there. We talked to Carolyn and her husband and her other son, not the one who spins and dyes and comes to spinning guild meetings, but the one who shears and was interested in hearing about Congo.

We pet lamb. We ate lamb. Hey, I have no problem with the circle of life.

I came home with some fiber, but no yarn. Although I picked up a few things in Paris and Basel, for the most part I am doing well with the yarn diet. It is amazing what living without my stash for six weeks can do to adjust my perspective. I still came home with more than I can knit in several months, but I sure am trying. Soon I’ll have several projects to show you – about three more pairs of socks, and maybe I’ll start finishing up some of those sweaters that I started last year.

But in the mean time, here is some merino tencel that I picked up from Maryanne at Three Waters Farm, who was vending at MDS&W. I was inspired by Mel’s lovely stuff – it’s so shiny! I have another batch that is green, since I couldn’t get that colorway out of my head. This one reminds me of peach melba. I started spinning a bit of it last night and it’s delicious. Hot pink and brilliant purple are on the spool so far.

In other color/texture news, I bought a set of cards from January One for my mom for Mother’s Day. Hopefully Mom will send me one in the mail so I can check it out up close.

[photo removed]

I just love Cara‘s photography and, well, her whole blog. She’s just finished with miter madness and now she’s looking at doing a knitted version of Babette. Frankly, the colors in the Babette pattern are so rich that I’d consider improving my crochet skills… but I have several other projects on my plate before embarking on something of that scale. I’ll keep it in mind for sock leftovers.

ps. In unrelated news, Naomi, if you are reading this, I found the link for David Polansky’s Animal Alphabet songs. If you thought this bit was not at all connected to this post, you might want to consider the fact that at least three of the animals have fiber that can be sheared and spun… that is, if Vicuna counts? You can listen to several of the songs online.


3 thoughts on “Color and texture

  1. And also I begged Carolyn to adopt me!

    That tencel is so beautiful! I am going to have to fly to NC so you can teach me to spin. I have all the goodies to learn, but I am obsessed with our pink hose project.

  2. Yum — I love all the shaggy sheep shots; I feel like I could reach out and ruffle the wool. For a baaah-d pun, I suppose I could say, “Texture! Texture! Read all about it!” (Here, I’ll do it for you: *booooo*)

    I also just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and am subscribed via my account at, even though I don’t comment very often. Just another lurker! I recently revived my own long-languishing knitblog,, and I’ve added your link to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind. Best to you!

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