Knee socks!

I only finished one thing while I was away, and much of that was not in hot, humid Kinshasa but on the airplane.

Yes, I was indeed successful in passing as not-a-terrorist this time, with not-dangerous-wimpy-size2-sock-needles. Either that, or I was successful with my deceit, carefully tucking my knitting project in the bottom of my carryon in a little pencil case-like pouch. Even the Paris airport security at Charles de Gaulle didn’t call me out this time on my flagrant attempts to knit while flying – imagine having the gall to knit, in these dangerous times!

I still like this photo almost more than I like the finished product:

green stripey yarn

But here they are, waiting for blocking:

Green stripey socks

And here they are, having skipped the blocking and gone straight on my feet:

stripey knee socks

It was a bit surreal to work on these in my room when it was steaming hot outside and a gorgeous swimming pool was waiting next door where they were serving ice cream and meals with cold beers.

Club Elaeis pool

I ignored it all and turned up the A/C, hunkering down with a copy of Snow by Orhan Pamuk because I was actually reading my stash even though I didn’t post in time for the contest.

Since trudging through Snow, I have also made it through The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Shutterbabe by Deborah Kopaken Cogan, both of which were much less political and much easier reading than Mr. Pamuk’s (very interesting and worthwhile) book.

As for the socks, I must say, they look and feel great while I am lounging around the house, but how do I get them to stay up when I want to walk somewhere, say from the living room into the kitchen?

[By the way, I am going to MDS&W this weekend, any blogger meetups planned?]


4 thoughts on “Knee socks!

  1. I always use the blocked-by-feet method for my own socks. 😉 (Other socks I just don’t block.)

    I’m not sure what to suggest about the falling-down… perhaps a bit of elastic thread added at the top? Or there’s always garters… 😉

  2. Ooo, lovely! And way to not be flagged as a terrorist!

    I use elastic to keep my knit socks up. It works beautifully with picot edges (though I haven’t yet figured out how to attach it to the ribbing of my knee-high stockings…)

  3. I haven’t knitted any knee socks yet, so no advice there… but I LOVE yours! Beautiful work.

    I don’t think I’ve said welcome back to the States yet… what a journey you had this time.

  4. Neat socks! I love the colors and stripes. Elastic thread sounds like a good solution, maybe sewn into the top.

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