Coming right up: Sea Silk scarf

I arrived home to find this waiting for me, thanks to Naomi, who may or may not have realized how happy this would make me:

Finally, a chance to see and touch and feel the legendary Sea Silk in person! I was so excited about it that I couldn’t wait to wind it, to feel it slipping through my fingers, and my mind has already been cataloguing all the possible projects.

After my visit to La Droguerie last week, I think I’ve settled on this scarf from my new book:

Here is some stitch detail:

What do you think? Or, do you have other ideas for a skein of Sea Silk?


4 thoughts on “Coming right up: Sea Silk scarf

  1. that scarf caught my eye yesterday while flipping through your book. it has a slightly similar feel to mary’s lace scarf pattern, but with a little more definition, which i liked.

    should do a great job of showing off that great shine or shimery-ness (hmm, that can’t be a word) of your yarn.

  2. There’s a simple net stitch scarf in the new Interweave out of Sea Silk…I’ve had some marinading in my collection for a while, and the scarf definitely piqued my interest. It looks nice and simple, but very pretty.

  3. Welcome back! That scarf is very pretty – I agree, it would be a good backdrop for that gorgeous yarn.

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