What to do when you are planning to skip the country

– Plan what knitting has to be done before you leave because despite your best efforts, you’ll be on an airplane during the Averasboro Fiber Festival and the shawl has to be delivered beforehand and DR Congo has no functioning postal system.

– Prioritize knitting over laundry and packing since, no matter how hard you try, you never bring the right thing and stay up half the night with the suitcases the day before departure anyway.

– Check the TSA rules on knitting needles, which list them as OK for checked AND carryon baggage, but approach travel with a grain of suspicion anyway. DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES forget to check that knitting on the other end, from Africa through Paris to home this time! [HEY! Knitting needles are under makeup and personal items, they’re not even considered “sharp” by TSA!]

– When people ask if you’ve planned what knitting you are going to take yet, spare them the 20 minute monologue and instead smile sweetly and say nope, not yet!

– Get a root canal. Yes it’s much better to while away half your work and free time this week in the dentist’s chair than contemplate what would happen if your toothache abcessed in Kinshasa.

– Don’t tear out all your hair waiting for visas and computer batteries and lab supplies to wend themselves your way because either they’ll arrive on time or they won’t, and the sun won’t treat a scalp with bald patches very gently.

– Even though we’ve been experiencing warm weather in the south, don’t forget that the Equatorial sun burns – bring your hat, sunscreen, sunglasses (and of course suit and towel for the pool!) and don’t get upset when you can’t knit your wool projects because everything is humid and sticky.

– Bring all cords and charge all batteries and generally try to have a positive influence and outlook on the slim possibility of knit blogging while in central Africa.

– Be very very excited about those three days in Paris at the end, when you may finally get to visit the Promised Land, the real, live, in the flesh (as it were) La Droguerie because ‘Le nouveau livre est sorti!’


I will blog if possible, and I will be on email! So drop me a line or some encouragement (promises of martinis when I return? I don’t know.)

ps. Go look at all the different colored eggs in the last post! My link didn’t work but I just fixed it.


2 thoughts on “What to do when you are planning to skip the country

  1. I’m looking forward to reading all about your trip to Africa. I’ve always wanted to go there – and Paris, too. Have a nice trip!

  2. Can you print out the TSA guidelines and show them to any French officials that want to confiscate your needles? Ha, I know.

    Have a great time! I hope you do get to swim and relax some too, especially in Paris. Eat a baguette for me!

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