Swatching in Lanas Puras and not finishing anything

Dear everyone,

So sorry to leave you without any new photos recently! There is something funky with my blog – the Dashboard isn’t working properly, and the Gallery doesn’t seem to work. Are any of you having trouble? My other excuses for not blogging include work and my class and for some reason being sleepy ALL THE TIME. Spring may be in the air down here, but it’s all pollen in my head.

I am having the finishing blues again – or, more accurately, the finishing procrastinations. I left off after the cuff of Sock No. 2 on the lace argyle jobbies. Haven’t progressed beyond heels of the toe-up cable numbers. I have made tracks on the Manly Sweater because the knitting is so easy, which I love, but there’s still a long way to go and it’s not a priority.

These past few weeks, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of some yarn for some samples that I am supposed to knit up, and I’m getting worried because I’m also making plans to leave the country for work again. I finally got the yarn, and it is luscious – feels like Malabrigo for those of you who are familiar. The yarn is Lanas Puras from One Planet Yarn and Fiber in Orchid and Cornflower. Here are the swatches – in different needle sizes, not just because I have two colors!

I also received yarn for a shawl that I plan to knit for the Averasboro Fiber Festival (sorry, no link – neither of the two links has any info), but again – worried about finishing before leaving the country.

This photo was taken on Saturday and it’s already Thursday. The shawl now has about twelve leaf repeats rather than three, and I’m well into the second ball of yarn. I don’t leave till March 19th, so I think I might make it!

The shawl pattern is free online – Kiri from All Tangled Up, and is a nice diamond-leaf repeat that is easy to memorize, so I’ve been flying along. At least, that is, till the rows got so long that now purling back seems to take a week.


5 thoughts on “Swatching in Lanas Puras and not finishing anything

  1. Pretty swatches! 🙂 Have you seen the Nona Swatches blog? I’m sure glad I don’t have to deal with the NC pollen this year!

  2. As usual, you are my knitting inspiration! I’ve put my needles down lately and have been reading instead. I’ll blog about that. It’s a looong book, and not always worth the pages. I am very close to being down with my armwarmers… except it’s so springy and lovely here… Doesn’t inspire knitting with wool…

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