Sock yarn!

First things first – I am sorry to leave you all in the lurch since Thursday. I have had the busiest week yet at my job, preparing for a meeting in DC next week, working till 11pm the other night and more to do tomorrow, even though usually my Sundays are reserved for being laaa-zy.

I loved your photos – Andrea’s chicken socks made me laugh, and Terhi’s Norwegian socks absolutely gorgeous.

I agree with Nittany that Gems Opal is just luscious, and I love Daphne’s German/Belgian socks and the green and pinks in the yarn she chose for these.

But most of all, I love Sarah‘s story about the socks she made for her father-in-law.

I am going to send her a skein of this yarn, in the name of knitting socks for other people, because I discovered it during the holidays and used a different colorway to make some deliciously quick ribbed comfy machine washables for my cousin Penni.

Second sock item on my list: I think the odd looking brassiere has turned into a double willy-warmer.

Though I can’t think of anyone who would need such a thing.

EDIT: More information here for those of you who can palate a little tongue in cheek humor. Don’t click if you are easily offended.

Well I’ve got lots more to tell you but it will have to wait till tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Sock yarn!

  1. *Squee!* Thanks, Heather! I’ve been busy prepping for Stitches West the past few days (fun but exhausting) and it’s been a few days since I’ve popped in to read your blog — shame on me!

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